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Binocluars / Spotting Scopes

Optics can play a huge role in the success of your elk hunt. A technique used by many elk hunters is to hike high on the mountain before sunrise, hoping that as night gives way to morning, they will glass elk in the drainage below or on adjacent slopes. If you pay close attention to air thermals, this method can be very effective, but not without the use of quality optics. Hours of glassing can really strain your vision, and this is when you will really appreciate having invested a little more money in the high end binoculars and spotting scope.

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Our Spotting Scope Picks

Rifle Scopes

If you are hunting with a rifle, you will want to equip your favorite long gun with a scope that will help you score on that once in a lifetime shot opportunity. I’ cant stress this enough……If you are looking to save a few dollars on your elk hunting adventure, don’t do it when selecting your hunting optics. Spend a little more on your rifle scope and you won’t be disappointed. Some of your best opportunities for success may come just at day break, or just as the last bit of legal shooting light is slipping from the mountain meadow. Don’t go home with a tag in your pocket because your scope couldn’t perform in these conditions.

Our Rifle Scope Picks

Range Finder

Range Finders should also find their way into every elk hunters pack. If you are a flatlander, and don’t have very much experience hunting in and around the Rocky Mountains, you may be in for a surprise at just how hard it can be to estimate the distance of an animal that is standing on the side of a steep drainage.

Elk are really large animals! The combination of terrain, animal size, and pure adrenaline can make judging shot distance very difficult. Having a range finder in your bag will take the guess work out of shot distance. It won’t help with your adrenaline rush, that’s something you will have to control!

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